American Express collaborated with Jeremy Fall to create a Spiked Cereal Milk donut for a Small Business Saturday event held at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.


Shay Mitchell collaborated with Jeremy Fall on a limited sandwich for Off The Menu, an invite-only food app. ‘The Cure’ included slow-roasted chicken, thick cut house-cured bacon, garlic-onion tomato sauce, white cheddar, mustard-paprika aioli, and watercress.


Shay Mitchell.jpg

Threadbeast collaborated with Jeremy Fall to create a box of curated items that are all nostalgic to Jeremy's childhood memories growing up in Los Angeles. The highlighted item is a Fall-designed "Food Porn Viewmaster" that showcases the old vs. the new by being reminiscent of the toy we all grew up with, mixed with photos taken directly from the @jeremyfall Instagram account.


Viewfinder II.jpg

Sumo Dog collaborated with Jeremy Fall to create the 'J-Fall Dog' made of bacon-wrapped pork sausage, peanut butter mole, sambal-sesame salsa, pickled papaya, wasabi furikake, and cilantro on a Martin's Potato Roll.


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse collaborated with Jeremy Fall to create the 'Just Try It' croissant, a take on a traditional cuban sandwich with house made pastrami, pickled oranges, manchego cheese, pickled onions, pumpkin and fennel seeds.

x Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (1).jpg